Thursday, 20 September 2012


Find out about someone who has visited an extreme location, or done an extreme activity. 
Read travel blogs and newspaper articles about them IN ENGLISH, or search for short videos IN ENGLISH to find out about their experience.
   Find out about:
   a) any problems they had while they were there.
   b) advice on how to stay safe in that environment.

Write a short article about your person, for a student magazine.
Use adjectives and adverbs (and, if possible, a few comparative/superlative forms).
Use 'cause and effect' phrases to talk about their problems.
Remember to start with an introduction, end with a conclusion, and use paragraphs for the main ideas.

If you type the article, print it to use in class after break, and then send it to the blog later.

If you need ideas to get you started, Google these people:
Ellen McArthur
Ranulph Fiennes
Jacques Cousteau

or look at this list:

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