Thursday, 7 November 2013

Self-study, Computer Room, 2.45pm Friday 8th November

Wish/if only/should have
wish and if only - a good explanation wish - another good summary, plus a few nice tasks
'should have' - some more well-written tasks wish compared to hope and want
wish and if only (video)

a very good explanation (with a short task)
quantifiers (video)
little/a little/few/a few (gap-fill task)
all/every (gap-fill task)
all, any, every(body, etc.), no, none (gap-fill task) mixed quantifiers (gap-fill task) mixed quantifiers (gap-fill task) - makes you really think! My own quantifiers summary document, to open/download (explanation)

Questions and indirect questions
a good summary of indirect question forms (explanation and quiz)
a few exercises, gap-fill or completion
a test where you have to work a bit harder - formulate the answer, then check
word order in basic questions (video)

Mixed Modals - test yourself on yesterday's lesson  

Just for interest - the origin (etymology) of various words in European languages - fascinating! 

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