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GeL:Aims English Grammar - free, using your NCM login

English Grammar in Use (Murphy, Cambridge) - Intermediate

Articles - a/an/the
A simple summary
Test yourself on determiners (articles, some/any, each/every, possessive adjectives my/our)
Basic information about articles, some, any etc.


Modals of obligation - a useful summary from Englishclub, including a quiz to test yourself
Past modals - deduction

Relative clauses - explanation and practice

Participle clauses - explanation and practice

Used to / be used to / get used to / would do sthg.
Pre Intermediate level - New English File course book, File 7

Quiz - used to do / be used to (Int+)
NCG Grammar in a Minute videos

EnglishClub - Excellent grammar summaries

Perfect English Grammar
Explanations and exercises.

New English File
Use the practice games and tasks from this popular coursebook.

Transitive and intransitive verbs 
Phrasal Verbs - useful links
A video explanation, especially helpful if phrasal verbs are new to you
another good explanation, with lots of examples
and another...
and a good dictionary
Please don't try to learn them all at once :D

Reported Speech

Commas give lots of problems. You need to use a full stop at the end of a sentence; the teacher will notice if you try to join two sentences together without a proper conjunction!

Very clear explanation of zero, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd conditionals.

Mixed conditionals
For keen students, only when you have understood 3rd conditionals!

This is a helpful introduction to prepositions.
This verb+preposition (dependent prepositions) search is useful.   
A good dictionary can help you, too.Don't try to learn them all at once!

Gerunds and infinitives ('verb patterns')
Oxford Living Grammar - online exercises.

Irregular verbs
ALL (?) the irregular verbs in English, with examples of their use

The main tenses in English - good summaries of the USE of the tenses

Verb machine - make every English verb tense - PRACTICE mode, TENSES game, SENTENCES game

Word order videos

1. Word order: sentences

2. Word order: using adverbs  especially expressing frequency and manner - video   adverbs of manner, place, quantity, time - video   expressing probability: maybe, perhaps, certainly     already, still, yet, no longer

3. Word order: questions  video