An expert in the world of IELTS

Excellent articles on all IELTS skills 

IELTS Buddy - this seems reliable  (from Esam)

A blog BY students, FOR students

READ: it helps with ESSAY IDEAS as well as VOCABULARY

Dominic Cole's advice on different essay question types (hint: read the question)

Academic vocabulary for IELTS

DC's essay vocabulary list - TO DOWNLOAD - plus other advice

A Link to the Academic Word List (AWL) - TO DOWNLOAD - and advice how to use it

Tips to learn vocabulary - including a link to Nottingham Uni site, where you can CHECK YOUR WRITING by uploading it to highlight words from the AWL

British Council IELTS pages

Cambridge - what to expect on exam day
Watch a general-interest programme for 'light relief' and to extend your vocabulary

And don't forget to review your grammar, if you have weaknesses. Your main class teacher should tell you what these are, but verb tenses and forming proper sentences are good places to start.

The main tenses in English 

It's not enough to know how to form the tenses - you need to know when to use them. This website gives good summaries of their use.

English for Academic Purposes

Improving accuracy in academic writing - very high level English
The accuracy section of this website has several interactive exercises
Listening to academic English
Interactive listening comprehension and note taking – gap fills – often key words

Manchester Phrasebank
Useful phrases you can copy and adapt for your own academic writing - just add your own ideas (content words). They are common phrases so you don’t need to worry about plagiarism...

Listening to academic English - BBC Learning English
A series of 12 programmes, which are useful listening practice in themselves, but which also contain good advice for prospective students

University of Reading lectures
Several academic lectures on different subjects with tasks (questions), answers (key) and transcripts - again good practice mixed with advice

More universities offering open courses   Open University (UK) - famously clear and well-organised courses  Harvard  Yale  MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology    international universities online video courses

Google Scholar - search within academic works

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