Friday, 14 September 2012

Multimedia room, Friday 14 Sept

(1) Reading and writing (45 minutes)

Use the links below to research money advice in the UK. Write sentences explaining your advice to other students using conditionals, e.g. If you want to save money on food shopping, share the cost of large packets with your friends. 

(That was a conditional followed by an imperative, by the way!)

Use zero or 1st conditionals. I can check them for you if you are not sure.

To check how to form conditional sentences, see the page link on the right.

(2) Reading - 15 minutes

Look at other students' comments and advice on the KICk-Off blog, on the money page or other pages, to get an idea what students post there.

(3) Writing - 15 minutes

Complete and upload your advice to students that you started earlier this week. Page 5, Task 6.

Go to the KiCk-Off blog/Money Money Money page, scroll to the bottom, and fill in the 'Reply' form with your writing/advice.

You can include the advice sentences from task (1) above.


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