Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wednesday 2nd July


Today's tasks:

(1) In pairs of one 'old' student and one 'new' student please do your corrections from previous writing tasks: COPY the whole text, paste it underneath my comments, and remove as many mistakes as you can. Talk about it together. Ask me if you're not sure.

(2) We're going to have a blog discussion today, using the class blog. The first pair of students to finish writing will write a blog post on a topic somehow connected to 'The Economy'. 

(i) Other students will respond by creating new posts replying to the first student. (Please don't use the comments boxes, as it would get even more confusing!)

(ii) In your post, make it clear WHO you are replying to.

(iii) Remember the conversation will flow upwards: the newest posts will be at the top. Try to comment on everything that people say which is controversial or interesting.

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