Friday, 11 July 2014

A History of the world in 100 objects - listening, writing and speaking

With your partners, look at the web site of the British Museum and/or the BBC about A History of the world in 100 objects.

Choose at least one object and listen to the talk. 
Discuss what you heard with your partner - why was the object significant enough to be included in this list?

Listen again. Write a short summary of the object:

  • what it is
  • when and where it's from
  • why it is in the list
  • what you think about it
  • etc.
(If you finish early, choose another object.)

Work on this until 4pm, when we will share our writing with the other groups and discuss what we listened to.

2.55 Jiny
3.10 Majed
3.25 Sayer
3.40 Rasheed

(Next week - Jun.)

After break - room 3.1

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