Thursday, 3 April 2014

Library - Thursday 3rd April

1. Please show new students how we use Quizlet (online and the smartphone app), Google Drivemy blog and the class blog.

2. Writing – error-correction
Look at your earlier work and do any corrections that are needed. (Copy your writing and make the changes. Ask your partner, or me, if you are not sure how to make it correct.)

3. Watch Hans Rosling on - ‘The magic washing machine’.

Write a short article for a student magazine, called ‘The magic washing machine’ with your thoughts about housework, industrialisation and the use of energy, using a selection of modals, e.g.

In the past, our grandmothers used to have to wash their sheets in cold water. Although this was energy-efficient, it was very demanding physically.
Use some of the modals that we looked at in Unit 6.

I will do a few student tutorials.

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