Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wednesday 26 March

1. Please show new students how we use Quizlet (online and the smartphone app), Google Drive, my blog and the class blog.

2. Writing – error-correction
Look at your earlier work and do any corrections that are needed. (Copy your writing and make the changes. Ask your partner, or me, if you are not sure how to make it correct.)

3. Adverts - our next topic

Find your favourite advert (a still image or a video). 
Tell your partner what you enjoy about it. Take turns to do this. Discuss whether you think the adverts are successful, and why.

Choose one advert to write about in a short blog post on the Class Blog (‘New Post’). Describe it, say what you enjoy about it, etc. - use the best points from your discussion.
Add a link to the advert.

When you have finished, look at other people’s posts and make helpful comments in the comments boxes.

I will do tutorials for Sulah and Sebastiano.

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