Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Today, you will look at Kaplan's international blog

and Manchester Kaplan's own KICk Off website:

1. In pairs, each student looks at one of the websites in detail (15-20 minutes). Make a few notes of what sort of posts/articles/information can be found there.

2. Discuss both websites with your partner. Tell each other what you found out. Would you be interested in writing for one or both of the sites? (5 minutes.)

3. Have a look at your partner's website (5-10 minutes.)

4. Discuss with your partner (5 minutes) your ideas for a blog post / article for one of the sites. Which site? What topic? Would it be factual or funny (or both)?  Would you focus on text or images?

5. Draft your blog post / article (10-15 minutes) (individually or together).

6. Homework: finish your blog post / article, submit it via my email address and I will forward it to Sarah / Julian.

(55 minutes)

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