Friday, 21 March 2014

Research task, Friday 21st March

Friday plan
  • homework check - articles and past tenses
  • research preparation:
            brainstorm interesting questions about books, bookshops, shop assistants,                       shoppers/readers, etc.
  • decide whether to write: 
         (i) an IELTS-type essay explaining your data in an academic way (min 150 words) 
         (ii) an informal article about your findings for a student magazine (min 150 words) 

  • split into groups (2 or 3) with similar interests
  • decide the group's research focus
           - choose about 6 questions to research            - write your introductory script if you need to tell
                people who you are and why you want to ask them questions: 'Hi, I'm XX, and
                I'm an English student. We are researching X. Would you mind...

  • share out research tasks
               (A) spreadsheet/document writer for the preparation stage
               (B) interviewer (if required) - could also be the time-keeper for the                                      preparation tasks
               (C) note-taker while in the shops 

  • decide how you will write your final essay/article: 
  •             - each student to write a paragraph? 
                - the 'note-taker' to write the 1st draft and the others to do the 2nd
                   draft and final version?
          - everybody to write a separate report?
  • 3.30 - look at other groups' work and edit your own spreadsheet
  • break - 3.45?
  • Jane will get your documents printed.
  • meet downstairs - 4pm?
  • visit 1/2/3 bookshops to collect information - please wear your NCM pass
  • try to talk to people, but if this is not successful, make some observations to talk about in your writing
  • 5.30 meet for coffee or meet back at school? 
  • weekend homework: write your essay/article in Google Drive (for Monday)

Suggested bookshops
Travelling Man, 4 Dale St, Manchester M1 1JW 
WHSmith, Arndale Centre
The Works, Arndale Centre 

My mobile number in case of difficulties: 
07801 234881

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