Sunday, 16 February 2014

More useful links for you...

Pronunciation (with thanks to Karenne)

How words are pronounced differently with different accents - e.g. US / UK 
Just search for a word and play the examples...

'Minimal pairs'
Practise saying difficult sounds, with lists of words which have been carefully paired to contrast 2 similar sounds, e.g. /p/ and /b/

Pronunciation tips (with thanks to Richard)

BBC Learning English - choose the phoneme from the chart, listen to the pronunciation video, and see which words use the sound


English for Academic Purposes (with thanks to Richard)

Improving accuracy in academic writing - very high level English

The accuracy section of this website has several interactive exercises

Listening to academic English

Interactive listening comprehension and note taking – gap fills – often key words

Manchester Phrasebank
Useful phrases you can copy and adapt for your own academic writing - just add your own ideas (content words). They are common phrases so you don’t need to worry about plagiarism...

Listening to academic English - BBC Learning English
A series of 12 programmes, which are useful listening practice in themselves, but which also contain good advice for prospective students

University of Reading lectures
Several academic lectures on different subjects with tasks (questions), answers (key) and transcripts - again good practice mixed with advice

These links are also on the relevant PAGES.

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