Friday, 10 August 2012

Multimedia room, Friday 2.30

You will be looking at Infographics. 

The task is to browse the websites, looking at topics that interest you.

When you find a really interesting chart, 
  • make a note of how to find it again and/or email a link to my email address
  • make a few notes explaining what the data shows, and why you find it interesting.
If you have time, search again and make notes about another chart.

You will show your best chart to the class. It may be appropriate to use the passive to describe aspects of the chart. 
e.g. Women are paid 20% less than men, on average.

You can start with these sites... 
Alphabetical list of topics - don't miss G-P (e.g. gender) and Q-Z below! 
NB not all the data here is graphical.
Don't miss the menu bar across the top, and the archives down the right hand side.
Victorian infographics, if you're interested!


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