Saturday, 15 October 2011


These are a few photos from my trip so far, but I haven't got a photo of my class, yet. I've got a small group of about 8 upper intermediate students, mostly people of Tibetan origin, but who were born locally. Actually, a majority of my class are girls, which is rather different from the classes in Manchester!
Mcleod Ganj is a wonderful little town, on a ridge at about 1700 metres. There are wonderful views from here, both up and down the valleys on either side. It's the base of the Dalai Lama, and as such attracts lots of visitors.
This is, so far, a wonderful trip, better than I could have imagined, and the weather helps, as it's beautiful and warm, even in the evenings. I'll post another bit of news in a week or two, and hopefully a picture of my class!

 A view from Lower Dharamshala.

 Dolls in traditional Tibetan dress.

 My walk home from work!

 The other teachers at Tibet Charity.

 Near Mcleod Ganj.

Don't you love the trousers?

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  1. Hi Jane ! this is Caroline from Kaplan (I was in Kaplan in your class 2 months from may to june). I m very happy to see your pictures in this wonderfull country and city. I was there 1 year ago and i remember how amazing was my trip. You have to do medidation and yoya class :) Thank you for everything and wish you the best !